Reiki is a word used to describe universal energy that flows through every living thing. It is an ancient art and science that was rediscovered in Japan in the 1900s by Dr. Miako Usui, a Japanese Christian minister. It is a tool used to promote spiritual growth, balance, wholeness, and healing.  Reiki is one of the services offered at The Zen Spot that needs to be performed in person.

How to prepare for a reiki session:

That’s the beauty of reiki. There is no preparation needed. Just wear comfortable clothing. It is recommended that you use the restroom prior to your session.

What to expect during a reiki session:

  • The client will enter a calm, quiet place. Services take place on a massage table. During the session, the client will remain clothed. The practitioner will then use light, non-invasive touch to position the hands on the front and back of the body in various positions.
  • Each reiki experience is subjective. Some clients may feel so relaxed that they sleep through the session. Others may feel various sensations throughout the body: warmth, tingling, cool, or pulsations. Sessions will last for about 1 hour.
  • Typically after the first session, most clients will report feeling immediate stress relief and deep relaxation. Some will notice a difference in  digestion, improved sleep patterns, and a greater feeling of self-awareness.
  • *Reiki is best experienced cumulatively, meaning you will notice more changes in your’s body energy and deeper experiences with multiple  sessions. Four consecutive sessions are recommended.
  • *After the session, you may be given information on things to focus on or lifestyle adjustments that may prove to be beneficial. You will not  be diagnosed with any illness or diseases.